What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative is a collaboration of parents and teacher to provide a dynamic, varied and family-oriented introduction to classroom interaction. As a co-op parent, you can become involved in your child's early education, a time when they will benefit immensely from your partnership. You will be involved in the shared experience of your child's growing interest in Jewish and family living. A member from each family (or caregiver) serves as parent helper, assisting our teacher in the classroom, twice a month. Each family must also take on one ongoing task for each year.

The preschool is like a large family. Moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, friends, or any other family member may take turns parent helping and are welcome to join us at school events such as family night or filed trips. Siblings are always welcome to join when their parents are helping or to come along on field trips. Co-op families also participate in managing the preschool and provide new experiences for the classroom. We grow through an exchange of ideas at regularly scheduled meetings, work parties, family dinners and at school.

The History of our School



Milt and Cissi (z”l) Carl founded our school at the Shaarie Torah synagogue to serve the Jewish community with a quality co-operative preschool. Their belief was that a cooperative preschool would allow parents to be included in their child's first school experience while incorporating Jewish values and teachings within the children's play.  The Carl prepares children for kindergarten while providing a background in Judaic history and holidays. Children form the Carl come from a wide range of Jewish households, from families who are very observant to families with Jewish roots who are just reconnecting to their Judaism for the first time.  We also have many children from various other religious backgrounds, which we welcome and brings a wonderful diversity to our school.  The children visit Rabbi Rose in his office twice a month to hear stories, share Judaic experiences and a treat. 


Parents choose cooperatives because they want to be involved in their child's first school experience.  Often after joining a cooperative parents find many added advantages such as learning new parenting skills, learning new strategies to bring out the best in your child, gaining a better understanding of your child's actions and emotions as well as being a more relaxed and confident parent.

Why Choose a Co-op?