About Our school

Tuesday-Thursday AM Class

(enrollment 16, 12/14 - 3's; 5 day option for 1 to 4, 4/5 yr. olds based on space availability) For the child who will be three years old before December 31st. 
Class time 9-1pm (9-11:30 for children not yet 3 years old)  
This class is low-key, one-to-one with small group contact and art activities using a variety of materials to touch and manipulate. Emphasis is put on sharing and group awareness, with a short period of time set aside for group activities (story, conversation, snack and singing). There is also a large segment of time for free play. We encourage sharing, taking turns, verbalizing feelings, and problem-solving. We focus on name recognition, hand-eye coordination and physical activity throughout the day.

Monday-Wednesday-Friday AM Class  

(enrollment 16)

For the child who will be four years old by September 1st. 
Class time 9-1pm
This class includes all of the above plus a 20-30 minute talk time that will deal with a variety of topics relating to the children's lives and world: weekly themes where we learn about weather, nature, seasons, the calendar, days of the week, months, neighborhoods, families, community helpers, Judaic Holidays, and a host of other interesting topics. Field trips on Tri Met, MAX, and carpooling help us learn by our experiences. The class is a little more structured, to allow those children, who are interested, a chance for deeper involvement in project activities. They have a sit-down project with 16 (# of students) different results. All classes will be geared to the individual needs of each child, emphasizing a good feeling about one's self as a unique and important person both individually and as a member of a peer group. The children will gradually become aware of the importance of others through sharing and caring. This class has a 5-day option to attend Monday - Friday; based on space availability (this will increase your tuition)

We also offer Afterschool enrichment programs that we contract out to independent organizations/professionals such as SoccerShots, Spanish, Kinderdance and Art.  These programs are available for an additional fee.


Judaic aspect 
The Carl is a Jewish preschool and we are proud have an integrated Jewish curriculum. The Judaica is interwoven in day to day activities. We celebrate the Jewish holidays with diversity and talk about other beliefs and celebrations. We learn some basic skills for Jewish living such as: blessings, mitzvah, and tzdakah. We are non-discriminating and are inclusive of other faiths and beliefs.  Families are also welcome to join in our weekly Shabbat celebration on Fridays at 12:30.

Children must be 4 by Sept.1 to be eligible for the M/W/F class, to coordinate with the Portland Public Schools cut-off date. Portland Public Schools do not waive the age cut-off unless a child tests one and a half to two years above age. Admission shall be based on; birth date, gender ratio and number of students in the class. For the T/TH class your child must be 3 by Dec.31st. Director/Teacher makes enrollment placement decisions and may in her sole discretion make exceptions.   

To enroll your child:
1. Priority enrollment and registration begins for returning families in January of the year in which your child will begin school. New family enrollment and registration begins in March. Contact the membership coordinator, and she/he will mail/email you information.  
2. Completed applications are returned to the Shaarie Torah office with the $75.00 non-refundable registration fee. The $75 reg. fee will assure your child’s spot in the preschool.  After the application is processed, the Membership Coordinator will notify you by mid March as to whether or not your child has been admitted. Children are admitted based on; birth date, gender ratio, and numbers of students in a class in accordance to the by-laws. We maintain a waiting list and will inform you of openings as they occur. 
3.  Visits to observe the class may be made through our Membership Volunteer. We have Open Houses where you may visit and observe the preschool “in action” with your child.

4.  Registration information packets will be sent out in late August, along with school start (Sept.) and ending (May) dates.


The Parents Role:
The Preschool is much like a large family. Moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, friends, or any other family member take turns staying at school with the children and assist the teacher in the classroom once/twice per month. Families get to participate in the Preschool. We grow through an exchange of ideas with each other at regularly scheduled meetings, social and work parties, and at school.

Parents contribute to the Preschool by:
1.  Following the membership agreement.
2.  Taking turns as parent-helpers in the classroom each month.
3.  Volunteering for one task throughout the school year to help the school run smoothly.
4. Becoming involved and participate on the Steering Committee (optional) -a group of parents who meet once a month with the teacher to assure the smooth running of the school.
5.  Attend family functions.

Fee information
The Preschool fees are an important element of the budget to provide a quality education for your child. Tuition rates for the upcoming year are determined in April, as part of our budget planning process for the following year. All fees due at registration:    
2017-2018 Tuition and Fees:  
Non refundable Registration Fee $85
T/TH 9:00-11:30 2.5-3 year olds $179 month
T/TH 9:00-1:00 3-5 year olds $ 196 month
M/W/F 9:00-1:00 4-5 year olds $248 month
M-F      9:00-1:00   4-5 year olds      $445 month
Add an extra day $125 per month
Early Drop Off 8-9am:
  T/Th $55 month
  M/W/F: $80 month
  M-F: $130 month
Opt out of Parent helping $760 per year (this option is for parents whose schedules do not allow them to parent help. Parents are still required to participate in other school activities and parent responsibilities)

Miscellaneous one time (non-refundable) fees: 
P.C.P.O membership dues $13.50
Craft fee: $70.00,
Background Check $5 (for new families entering The Carl)
There is a $25 reduction in tuition for Shaarie Torah members and $25 multiple sibling discount – Reduced tuition available if state guidelines are met. 

Thank you! We look forward to meeting you and your family!

For more information about The Carl School please download a PDF copy of:

The Current Milt and Cissi Carl Preschool Handbook 

The Carl Parent-Child Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin.